Commissions: Closed
Last updated: 10/01/2023

-Will prioritize:
0.Previous clients.
1.Full body models.
2.Soft models with cute traits.
3.Fun concepts to rig.


- The client will receive a .rar file, inside will be folder that includes everything necessary for its use on VtubeStudio or the program of the client's choice, source file not included.
- 3 simple face expressions per model.
- Maximum 8 expressions.
- Maximum 10 toggles.
- Maximum 4 arm poses.
- Revisions will be made after the model has been sent, errors the rigger may have committed do not enter in the "revisions" category and will be fixed if found. Revisions include small angle fixes, physics movement, etc.
- Please make a backup of the files once you receive them.
- ETA of each model is different, please check each Tier and the addons.
- I will start working on the model once the first payment (at least 50%) of the invoice is made, I will send the files once the payment is complete.
- I have the right to turn down any commission for any reason.
- Prices might change depending on the complexity of the model(number of layers, art style, etc.)
- Male models are not my forte so don't expect the same quality as ones with female features(don't recommend T2).
- Prices will change as I improve rigging.
- Credit me.
- Don't claim the rig as your work.
- I will save the model for 6 months, after that, I will delete it, will send the source file for free then if the client asks)
- Source file +20% of the total price.
- Rush order: +20% of the total price.
- All payments in USD through Paypal.
- No full refunds after one week of the first payment or if I have not started rigging the model.

BlinkingSimplew/ Physics
Eyes movementSimpleFollow form
Eyebrow movementSimpleFollow form
Body Z angleSimpleComplex
PhysicsOnly XX and Y
Arm movementnonePhysics
Free revisions35
Time3 weeks~5 weeks~



Below are prices for additional rigging components.
Main option choice does not include rigging for clothing physics, animal parts, accessories, etc.
Price is on top, bottom is to help manage timeline expectations.
E.G T2 Rig + 15 extra simple physics + 1 new outfit = 4 weeks + 5 days + 2 weeks = 6 weeks and 5 days~

ExpressionsSimple AnimationsSimple Toggle
$15 - $20$25+$3
2 per day2 days-
Arm pose transition
2 days
Extra outfitNew hairstyle
2+ weeks4+ days
Mouth iOS
2 days